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In many cases, health insurers do not cover the cost of orthodontic treatment. Public health insurance providers generally do not pay for adult treatment unless the person has a serious jaw alignment issue that requires orthodontic surgery to correct it.


Even if the health insurance provider covers the cost of treatment, you have to pay 20% of the cost upfront and will not get this money back until successful completion of your treatment. Public health insurance does not cover the cost of certain services, including virtually invisible brackets, thorough functional assessment of the jaw, wires made of special materials, and dental bonding. These services are not included in coverage plans and always need to be paid out of your own pocket.


But to find a way to make your orthodontic treatment affordable all the same, we provide an interest-free instalment payment plan. The interest-free option is available to cover the cost of work not included in your insurance plan, and for out-of-pocket treatments that are not covered by public or private health insurance providers.



Investment: 5500,- Euro

  • Metal braces, upper/lower + retainers
  • for example, 36 monthly instalments of 152,78 Euro

Investment: 3200,- Euro

  • Aligners, upper and lower with front tooth straightening
  • for example, 24 monthly instalments of 133,34 Euro
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