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Problems with removable braces

In a lot of cases, a damaged removable brace is easily fixed. A replacement is required only in certain special circumstances. Please contact us right away for an appointment.

Prompt action is important because if you go for a long period without wearing your braces, your teeth may shift back and you risk losing all the orthodontic progress you have made. Please contact us right away for an appointment.

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Problems with fixed metal braces

Minor discomfort is not unusual after you first get braces. The teeth are being moved to a new position and may be sensitive for a while. The pressure or pain when you bite down goes away after 2 or 3 days.

1. If a bracket or elastic is loose and still attached to the wire, you can leave it as it is. Please contact us for a prompt appointment to have it reattached.
2. If a bracket or band becomes detached, you can remove it carefully on your own. If you swallow the bracket by mistake, there’s no need to worry. Please make an appointment for reattachment.

If the wire becomes detached from the bracket or band, you can push it gently back into the bracket if it is a thin elastic wire. If this doesn’t work, you can cover the affected area with the protective wax.

Defective or detached retainer elements should be repaired quickly because the teeth can shift and start moving back to their original position. Please contact us right away for an appointment to have the retainer reattached.

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