Kieferorthopädische Beratung Erwachsene

At your first appointment at our surgery we are first and foremost interested in your individual concerns as well as your own ideas and wishes regarding your orthodontic treatment. Then we examine your teeth as well as the position of your teeth and jaw. Only after that are we in a position to be able to estimate the scope of treatment required, the right treatment method for you and the expected costs.

Kieferorthopädische Diagnostik Erwachsene

Drawing up diagnostic records enables us to make a sound assessment of the scope of the malocclusion and other orthodontic malpositions and the diagnosis from the initial consultation. Preparing the diagnostic records includes taking photos and radiographs as well as producing jaw models. In order to keep radiation exposure as low as possible, we only use state of the art digital X-ray technology.

Kieferorthopädische Therapiebesprechung Erwachsene

After analysing your diagnostic records, we are in a position to be able to draw up an individual treatment plan. We will then discuss this plan in detail with you – along with possible alternative therapies. We carefully weigh up the benefits of the treatment against the amount of work required and the costs.

Kieferorthopädische Therapie Erwachsene

When treating adult patients, we normally either minimise the use of dental braces or use invisible braces. The duration of the treatment depends primarily on the extent of the tooth movements required. To ensure long-term stabilisation of the treatment result we will usually then fit fixed retainers (very thin parallel aligned wires that on the inside of the anterior teeth).

It’s not a question of age!

Age does not really matter when it comes to orthodontic treatment. What is important, on the other hand, is that the teeth are free of cavities and there should be no acute gingivitis, periodontisis or root infection.

Aesthetics + health!

Beautiful straight teeth are a very important factor for an attractive smile, and having a more attractive smile in turn has a beneficial impact on us in ourselves an on our environment: ‘Smile and the world smiles back at you’.

From a health point of view there are lots of good reasons to have your teeth straightened. Adults in particular suffer from the negative effects of the misalignment of teeth and jaws over the course of many years. This is often exacerbated by a tendency for further deterioration.


Thanks to the innovations and improvements in the field of aesthetic orthodontics there are now a number of ways of integrating orthodontic treatment into everyday life without any major restrictions.
These options range from tooth-coloured ceramic brackets to thin, transparent plastic aligners using Invisalign technology, to almost invisible lingual treatment.
We have many years of experience in all of the treatment methods and are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each method. During a detailed consultation together with you, we will find the best possible solution for your requirements.

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