Kieferorthopädische Beratung Kinder

At your first appointment at our surgery we will examine position of your child’s teeth and jaw. As a general rule, we are already able to tell you whether orthodontic treatment is necessary at this appointment and, if so, when the treatment should begin and which of the costs will be covered by your health insurance company.

Kieferorthopädische Diagnostik Kinder

Drawing up diagnostic records is necessary in order to assess the extent of the malocclusion or jaw misalignment and thus the extent of treatment required. Preparing the diagnostic records includes taking photos and radiographs as well as producing jaw models. In order to keep radiation exposure as low as possible, we only use state of the art digital X-ray technology.

Kieferorthopädische Therapiebesprechung Kinder

After analysing your diagnostic records, we are in a position to be able to draw up an individual treatment plan. We will then discuss this plan in detail with you – along with possible alternative therapies. We carefully weigh up the benefits of the treatment against the amount of work required and the costs.

Kieferorthopädische Therapie Kinder

Early orthodontic treatment is normally performed using removable treatment devices. As a rule, early treatment normally lasts about 1 – 1.5 years. As is the case for all courses of orthodontic treatment, good patient cooperation is just as important as regular follow-up appointments for the success of the treatment.

Early treatment – when earlier is better!


In cases of very pronounced malocclusion or jaw misalignment, early loss of the milk teeth or instances of habits that may damage the teeth (e.g. thumb or finger sucking) starting treatment as early as during the first stages of mixed dentition (i.e. when the permanent incisors erupt between 6 and 8 years of age) may be advisable..

The primary goal of early treatment is not to achieve ‘perfect’ tooth position and occlusion, but rather to rectify undesirable developments at an early stage and prevent further deterioration.

Early orthodontic treatment usually takes between 1 and 1.5 years and is normally performed using removable braces. This is often followed by main orthodontic treatment after a break of several years.

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