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The desire for straight and beautiful teeth – for yourself or your children – is the most common reason for considering treatment with braces. But not only do straight teeth improve your appearance and attractiveness, they also allow for better tooth cleaning, prevent malocclusion of the teeth and have a positive effect on pronunciation, breathing and posture.

Even if most of us primarily find straight teeth more aesthetically pleasing, they also contribute significantly to our health.

As a specialist orthodontic surgery with over 15 years’ experience, we are able to offer our patients the full range of treatment methods available today, be it using removable or fixed braces or with invisible straightening of the teeth.

Our extensive experience combined with our culture of continuous improvement allows us to provide our patients with state of the art treatment using the latest methods and techniques.

We would be happy to offer you an individual consultation, during which we will give you more comprehensive and personalised information. Working closely together with you, we will then develop the optimum treatment concept for you or your child, focused on serving your individual needs and requirements.

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